Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Muhammad - Maher Zain

Shoft yama nas munaha t’eesh

El’omr ganbak webardo ma yekaffeesh
Ahla donya ‘andi ma tsaweesh
Illa ma’ak ya Rasool Allah
(I’ve seen so many people whose only wish was to liveTheir whole lives next to you, and still it wouldn’t be enoughThe most enjoyable life is worthless in my eyesUnless it were with you, O Messenger of Allah)
Waheshna ya Rasool Allah
Ya sedna shou’na zad wallah
We mahma tawwel elghiyab
Muhammad, mushta’ ileek wallah
Muhammad, albi ‘aleek salla
(We miss you, O Messenger of AllahO our master! By Allah, our longing for you is overflowingAnd no matter how long our separation lastsMuhammad, by Allah I long for you!Muhammad, my heart sends salutations upon you)
Tal sou’ali, olli ezzay keda?

‘Ash’a ‘yonna hadd mosh shayfah?!
Law ha’ee’ee houwa ghali ‘aleek
Erdheeh fel Gannah tib’a ma’ah
(I’ve questioned for so long, tell me how could this be?!How could we like someone whom our eyes have never seen?!If he is truly dear to youFollow him, and in Paradise you will be with him)

Dana zad fi albi haneen
Wedmou’i malyal ‘een
Tam’an ba’ali sneen
Inni azoorel Mustafa marra (x2)
(For my longing has increased manifold in my heart. And my tears have filled my eyes. For so many years my largest dream has been.To visit the Chosen One even just once)

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